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The convergence of IoT, 5G, and AI/ML is poised to revolutionize the supply chain industry, driving innovation and growth. With an expected value of USD 37 billion by 2027, the sector is experiencing substantial expansion.

Supply Chain Tech

The COVID-19 pandemic marked a turning point in supply chain concerns for businesses around the world, especially those who offshore certain parts of their supply chain. These supply chain disruptions spurred the emergence of new technologies that help businesses gain critical insights into the operations, inventory and demand to streamline supply chain processes.

In this context, the convergence of IoT, 5G, and AI/ML is set to revolutionize the supply chain industry, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth. The sector is projected to reach a value of USD37 billion by 2027, indicating its substantial expansion and potential. Israel has emerged as a key player, renowned for its strong emphasis on technology and innovation. Israeli start-ups are leading the way, spearheading the development of cutting-edge solutions that optimize various aspects of the supply chain, ranging from warehouse management to last-mile delivery. Collaborations between these start-ups and larger SMEs have further catalyzed growth and profitability.

Competition between companies used to be primarily focused on factors such as prices and market positioning. However, in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies have shifted their attention to their competitors’ supply chain. They recognize that understanding their rivals’ strengths, vulnerabilities, and predicting their future moves can provide a significant strategic advantage. This shift in focus highlights the growing importance of supply chain management in gaining a competitive edge.

Why is this interesting?

The convergence of IoT, 5G, and AI/ML in the supply chain industry presents fascinating opportunities and implications for various actors involved. With this trend, inventory management can be transformed with real-time tracking and reduced waste. Predictive maintenance powered by AI/ML algorithms enables proactive equipment upkeep, minimizing downtime. Last-mile delivery can be optimized, leading to faster, more efficient delivery and improved customer satisfaction. Enhanced supply chain visibility ensures better forecasting and improved efficiency. AI/ML-driven optimization in freight and logistics reduces costs and improves overall operations. Warehouse automation streamlines processes, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. IoT and 5G enable real-time monitoring and regulation of temperature-sensitive products in the cold chain. These advancements empower companies to drive operational excellence, achieve cost savings, enhance customer experience, and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving supply chain landscape.

How Far Are we?

In assessing the current state of technological maturity and support within the convergence of IoT, 5G, and AI/ML in the supply chain industry, let’s consider five perspectives: Governments play a crucial role in regulating and supporting technology-driven industries. Policies related to data privacy, cybersecurity, and technology adoption impact the development of supply chain tech. Subsidization programs and incentives for innovation can further stimulate growth. 

The Israeli start-up landscape in supply chain tech is vibrant. Numerous start-ups are focusing on different aspects of the supply chain, driving innovation and addressing industry pain points.

Funding for supply chain tech start-ups is increasing in volume, with Israeli VCs showing interest. Investment in early-stage and growth-stage companies is crucial for scaling innovations and driving market adoption.

Corporations actively engage with supply chain tech, recognizing its potential to improve operations. Industrial application and adaptation of IoT, 5G, and AI/ML technologies are gaining traction, with companies partnering with start-ups to leverage their expertise.

Academic institutions in Israel contribute with applied research in the communication technologies that drive Supply Chain Tech.

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