Green Hydrogen

Recent developments in enabling carbon neutrality have put the spotlight on the adoption of green fuels, with Green Hydrogen being the most promising as its constituents, Hydrogen and Oxygen, are present in abundance and its production emits no pollution.

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen production is facilitated through a process called electrolysis, where water (H2O) is split into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O) using power from a renewable energy source. The hydrogen can then be used as a fuel in an engine with the only waste product being water.

Presently, electrolyser technology used for Green Hydrogen production is led by alkaline and polymer electrolyte membranes. India’s electrolyser manufacturing is at a nascent stage and corporates and start-ups are exploring partnerships as well as investments. As such, there is a need for capacity building for increasing production and integrated solutions for support infrastructure around storage and transportation, and possibly reimagining supply infrastructure, as Green Hydrogen has its unique set of requirements, because of its properties as a light, less dense and flammable gas.

Why is this interesting?

India’s clean energy transition is accelerated with the announcement of its short and long-term climate goals at COP-26 in 2021. The Indian Government has promoted various initiatives, which have helped in reducing emissions from power, buildings and transport sectors. However, achieving low-carbon growth in sectors such as refineries, fertilisers, iron, steel and heavy-duty transportation is still a challenge. Green Hydrogen can play a major role in helping India achieve carbon neutrality and become energy independent. As per estimates, Green Hydrogen can enable India to counter around 3.6 gigatons of CO2 emissions till 2050.

The focus on rapid capacity building for Green Hydrogen has opened up opportunities for international collaborations and financing. Prominent examples include the Innovation Fund Denmark investing in joint Indo-Danish projects related to green fuels including Green Hydrogen. The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency is in discussions with the European Investment Bank for financing Green Hydrogen projects.

ICDK is mapping the Green Hydrogen ecosystem in India and collaborating with partners like Hydrogen Denmark to promote Danish competencies in India.

How Far Are we?

From a policy perspective, the Indian Government has set aside USD 2.4 billion through the National Green Hydrogen Mission.  The government aims to support about 3.000 megawatts of annual electrolyser capacity for 5 years through the scheme. The targeted production is at least 5 million tons by 2030, which could increase by 2x with exports.


Among start-ups, developing solutions for hydrogen sensing and analysis is among the primary focuses. An interesting take is that of producing ‘solar hydrogen’ by combining solar farms with an electrolyser. The semiconductor start-up, Hygenco, is developing and using green hydrogen assets, and they have received USD 25 million in investments, backed by agencies such as the European Investment Bank.

In terms of investments, India is estimated to receive USD 150-200 billion from industry and funding agencies over a period of ten years.

Among corporates, large Indian companies like Reliance are leading initiatives such as a partnership with Danish company Stiesdal A/S to manufacture electrolysers. While state owned National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plans to setup a USD 12 billion Green Hydrogen hub.

The Green Hydrogen Mobility Project in Leh and Kargil aims for the deployment of fuel cell electric buses by setting up of Green Hydrogen fuelling station.

In academia, pilots are being conducted including a Green Hydrogen production project based on biomass gasification at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Let’s connect

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