TechBBQ at a Glance
TechBBQ at a Glance

TechBBQ attracts the best startups in the Nordic region, builds bridges between ecosystems, and draws the talent, capital, and know-how necessary to help attendees promote their innovations and technological solutions.

TechBBQ attracts the best startups in the Nordic region, builds bridges between ecosystems, and draws the talent, capital, and know-how necessary to help attendees promote their innovations and technological solutions.

This year, 7500+ techies will congregate at the event, representing 2500 startups. Two hundred speakers will take the stage, 150 startups will showcase their ideas, and a wealth of workshops, performances, and panels are set to take place throughout the summit. 

Although the theme of the summit is “The Nordic Way,” there are also a handful of sub-themes on the agenda.

Program Themes

Mental Health

In striving for success, it is often easy to neglect our greatest asset – our mental health. But the evidence is clear: maintaining health and balance among startup members is vital for the growth, prosperity, and longevity of their business. TechBBQ is bringing mental health to the forefront and wants to inspire and challenge every member of the ecosystem to integrate the Nordic value of work-life balance.


Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Governments, startups, universities, and corporations all have a role to play in fostering a progressive tech ecosystem. How can they best interact and support each other to make that happen?


How can a startup go from a mere concept to a giant in the blink of an eye? Both the investment culture and the tech startup landscape have undergone significant change, and this shift has come with its fair share of controversy. Could there be a better way? In this track, leaders in the field will discuss how you can responsibly scale your venture to reach the height of your potential.

Global Conservation

Our world is changing and we are changing with it. What can we do to make our planet and ourselves better for future generations? At every level, startups are paving the way to make the world a better place to not only survive but thrive. This track will focus on developing technologies and ideas that will foster a brighter future for everyone.

Emerging Technologies

The latest technological advances are increasingly recognized for their potential to revolutionize our world in ways we never thought possible. But how do we build the future? We need daring founders with the ideas and tech to match their ambitions. TechBBQ wants you to immerse yourself in their bold visions.

Featured events:

Tech Talent

Having the right team composition is a key ingredient for a successful startup. Recruiting and maintaining talent is an ongoing challenge in every ecosystem. Tech Talent 2019 is all about matching Nordic startups, recent graduates, and experienced tech talent to support future growth. The session is structured so that, after startups make their pitch, the talented pool of candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves to selected companies in a speed-dating format.

Get in the Ring

Get in the Ring’s Global Pitch Competition invites founders from over 100 countries to pitch their solutions against their opponents in a ring setting. As one of TechBBQ’s signature events, Get in the Ring is different from any other startup pitch competition. Here, startups will have the opportunity to pitch, wage battles, and win a ticket to the main stage for the featured event. Pitching in the ring fuels competition, making founders up their game. The battles will be moderated by the one and only Pitch Doctor (Christoph Sollich) and will feature his standup pitch.


VC Reverse Pitching

Typically, startups are the ones who are put on the stage, pitching to and looking for investors. We’re reversing that trend. On the first day of the summit, venture capitalists will take the stage and pitch about their firms, what they are looking for, and why you should take their money over someone else’s. So if you are a startup looking for an investor, it’s a great way to meet them and hear about their future plans. The pitching will be moderated by Carla Fabbro, founder of Startup Copenhagen.


The TechBBQ North Star

On the first day of the conference, the TechBBQ North Star Pitching Competition will seek a rising star from the Nordic region. Investors will be assessing the following criteria: growth potential, a scalable business model, and capital already invested in the startup. This session will be moderated by Danny Knudsen Malkowski, Investor Relations Manager at DanBan.


Panel: What is the difference between international and local accelerators?

This session will bring together 2 international and 2 local accelerators to compare and contrast what they are looking for, the value that they can bring, what you can expect to achieve through them, and the types of partners they already have. This can help you to decide whether to go abroad or stay locally. The panel will be moderated by Sissel Hansen, founder and CEO of Startup Guide.


Developer’s Corner

The mission of TechBBQ’s Developer’s Corner is to bridge the digital divide between market and talent. The corner – consisting of a technical stage and showcase area – helps demonstrate the breadth and depth of the tech talent pool. Through discussing the latest trends and best practices, the goal is to help make talent acquisition and matchmaking easier than ever, from the perspective of a talent seeker working in human resources, recruitment, or employee branding.


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